About This


I’m Paul Beaver (yes, like the animal). I’m a writer, but more than that, I believe in the value of the most ordinary moments of life. There are adventures even in the small moments, the awkward memories, and the messy reality of life. If there is any philosophy running through my work, it’s that each day should be inspired and creative and that anyone should embrace their own ordinary adventure. Hope you enjoy these scraps of thought and get something out of it, whether it’s laughter, inspiration, or space for contemplation.

Ever since I was little, I’ve defined my life in metaphors. The world was too big to simply take at face value. I’m a student of humanity, a theatre and film nerd, a dreadfully white person (in more ways than one), and a new storyteller. Currently a resident of Ohio, I live in an efficiency apartment where I can simultaneously eat, cook, and crap in the same spot (arguably not important information), and teach a little freshman composition on the side.

If you’re interested, I can offer help writing online and print content. You can find some of my editing/writing samples here: