Part 5-Letting Go

Clinging to the Dragon’s Teeth



Conclusion-Letting Go

And so, we must let go of the things holding us back from change.

We are in an age of uncertainty. There is little information on how new communication technologies are affecting us and data is scarce on how multimodal composition classes are affecting students in the long-term. However, can we afford to wait on empirical evidence and lose the opportunity to fulfill the needs of our students? On the backs of new technologies, society is changing forms and education should consider this. We must reconsider what composition even means in the modern world.


Does it seem a little mad to make these changes institutionally?


That’s why it begins with individuals and an openness to change. The greatest barriers to innovation can often occur in the attempts at innovation carried out by institutions as broad-reaching changes. Instead, colleges should provide opportunities and training to allow composition teachers the option of creating new spaces in their classroom plans to grapple with how to create what they’d like.

Composition should not be a static but a constantly shifting, moving set of principles, ideas, and skills that aid in the act of creating media.

While others can simply judge from the sideline, we should take advantage of an opportunity to teach valuable skills by utilizing and communicating within media environments students are familiar with. Doing so could offer new avenues for exploration and give the students a greater degree of agency in the course, allowing them to select



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